I love to hunt.

Growing up I listened to stories from my Grandpa Vern about hunting and fishing.  Every fall we travelled to Colville for the opening of deer season.  Dad and Uncle Gary would go hunting together with Grandpa and would return home with great stories I couldn't wait to hear.  Reliving the stories told and looking at pictures of deer killed by my dad and my uncle I could not wait for my turn.

I begged my dad for years and years to take me hunting.  I remember the time when he finally did.  I was 10 and we stayed the weekend at grandpa's lake cabin.  We headed out with my uncle Gary into the Colville National Forest.  Following dads every step and watching his every move I started my lesson in the whitetail woods.  Uncle Gary shot a nice buck that evening and riding in the back of Gary's little truck with that buck I knew I was hooked.

Since that first hunt I have not missed a season in the woods learning the movements and habits of whitetail deer.  I finally killed my first deer in Belfair Washington with friends from school I was so proud to bring my buck home and show my dad.  Growing up in Kitsap County I went to school and then started working.  I was in the thick of the city life and extremely uncomfortable.  In 1996 I decided to pack up and move to Colville and live with my brother and dad.  My brother Brandon and I started hunting together every season.  I introduced him to waterfowl and now we hunt ducks and geese all over Washington State.  We hunt elk, deer, turkey, upland birds, bear and predators. 

I met my wife the year I moved to Colville and found that she too has a passion for deer and turkey hunting.  I now have three wonderful kids and together we are passing down the Nielsen heritage of the outdoors.   I came up with an idea to take the young men and their dads from my church hunting over a weekend.  I had a friend with a cabin and lots of private property so I started the first Father Son Hunt weekend.  I was able to pass down my love and knowledge of deer hunting to many young men and women.

I love to hunt.  I love to be in the woods.  Sharing my passion with others and watching them fall in love with hunting fills me up.  I have shared many first hunts with friends and I have been with them when they shoot their first deer.  I believe I need to introduce this great sport to as many people as I can to preserve the hunting heritage.  I decided to try my hand at professionally guiding to fill my desire of making a living at something that I love and to continue sharing this great thing called hunting